2021 Agenda and Survey

Saturday - November 6

0700 - Registration/Sign In Opens

Session 1

Moderator - Joseph Deptula, CCP

Special Topics In Cardiac Surgery Surrounding the Novel Covid-19 Virus


0800-0820 Shellie O’Day, MBA, RRT-NPS - Covid-19 and ECMO: Experience from the perspective of the “Hot Unit”

0820-0840 Desiree Bonadonna, CCP - Successful and unsuccessful practices using mechanical support for patients suffering from COVID 19

0840-0900 Goeffrey Rose, MD - Leading a Heart and Vascular Institute during a pandemic, from scared to recovery. What's worth keeping and what has to go. 

0900-0920 Shellie O’Day, MBA, RRT-NPS - Bridging mechanical support patients in tertiary care centers for transport to primary care facilities

0920-0940 Pannel Discussion

0940-1000 Break Coffee and Snacks

Session 2

Moderator - Joseph Deptula, CCP


1000-1020 David Fitzgerald, CCP - Trials and Tribulations of Directing a Perfusion Science Program During a Global Pandemic?

1020-1040 Kirti Patel, CCP - Use of ECMO In Managing Patients with Covid-19: Results in over 550 patients


1040-1100 Tony Shakelford, CCP - Cardiopulmonary Bypass on a Pregnant Patient with Covid-19: A case report

1100-1120 Rachel Gambino, CCP - The Design and Implementation of a Convertible ECMO/CPB Circuit for Lung Transplantation

1120-1140 Pannel Discussion

1140-1200 Break

Session 3

Moderator - Mindy Couper, CCP (Lunch Provided)


1200-1225 - Talis Electronic Charting with Perfusion and Cardiopulmonary Bypass

1225-1250 - Quantum Technologies: Moving ECLS into the Future

1250-1315 - New Advances In Longterm Mechanical Support

1315-1340 - Preliminary Results with Abbott’s Acute Adult Oxygenation System: The AMG PMP Oxygenator and CentriMag Support System

1340-1405 - Impella Heart Pump and Abiomed Breethe OXY-1 System


1405-1430 Break (Water, Soda, Snacks)

Session 4

Moderator - Bill Hodges, CCP

Optimizing Cardiopulmonary Bypass: Science and Techniques Surrounding Goal Directed Perfusion


1430-1450 Isaac Chinnappan, CCP - Efficacy of Perfusion Adequacy: Integrating Cosmetic Concepts and Clinical Significance of DO2 in Perfusion Practice


1450-1510 Joseph Deptula, CCP - Oxygen Delivery as it relates to end organ preservation: DO2 as the new buzzword in pediatrics and adults

1510-1530 Isaac Chinnappan, CCP - Resilience and Hope of Fluid Physiology and Fluid Dynamics During Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Neonates and Infants


1530-1600 Break (Water, Soda, Snacks)

Session 5

Moderator - Jopseph Deptula, CCP


1600-1650 Stafford-Smith, MD - Cardiac Surgery-Associated Acute Kidney Injury

1650-1730 Hani Aiash, MD, PhD - Mechanical Ventilation During ECMO



Sunday - November 7

0700 - Registration/Sign In Opens

Session 1 

Moderator - Mindy Couper, CCP Special Topics in Cardiopulmonary Bypass

0800-0820 Rachel Gambino, CCP - Mechanical Support Options for Single Ventricle Patients: Current Options and Case Review

0820-0840 Alyssa Urso, CCP - The Cerebral Effects of Rapid Shifts in CO2 Upon ECMO Initiation

0840-0900 Desiree Bonadonna, CCP - Managing Perfusionist in the mixed bag: When Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zs collide! 

0900-0950 Bruce Searles, PhD, CCP - Development and validation of an immersive simulation curriculum to teach and assess fundamental skills of CPB


Session 2

Moderator - Bill Hodges, CCP


1015-1035 Alex Gum, CCP - Update on ABOI Transplants

1035-1055 Tony Shakelford, CCP - The Forgotten Factor of GDP and the Extracorporeal Circuit


1055-1155 Verna Nelson, CCP - Goal Directed Perfusion


1115-1200 Hani Aiash, MD, PhD - Meta-analysis on Ultrafiltration and AKI

1200-1230 Break

1230-1430 NCSP Business Meeting (Lunch Provided)

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