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Annual Education Seminar Agenda
All Virtual This Year!
Earn 11.5 Catagory 1 CEUs


Saturday January 20th, 2024


0715-0720: Welcome and Announcements Robert Degiosio, CCP, LP



Moderator: Rachel Gambino, BS, CCP, LP


0720-0745: Surgical Techniques for Pediatric NRP/DCD-- Douglas Overbey, MD, MPH


0745-0810: Perfusion Techniques for Pediatric NRP-- Rachel Gambino, BS, CCP, LP


0810-0835: Pediatric VV ECMO Case Report-- Nate Darrow, BS, CCP, LP


0835-0900: The Need for Magnesium Following Del Nido Cardioplegia in Pediatrics-- Zacharia Wilkes, MBA, CCP


0900-0925: Use of Berlin Heart at CHOP-- Celia Gagnon, MS, CCP, LP


0925-0950: ABOi Heart Transplantation as a Safe Alternative to ABO-Compatible Heart Transplantation in Pediatrics- A Way To Reduce Waitlist Times-- Katie Grady BSN, RN, VA-BC


0950-1000- BREAK


Surgical Perspectives


Moderator: Melinda Couper BS, CCP, LP


1000-1025: Techniques in Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Surgery-- Tom Theruvath, MD

1025-1050: Considerations for Aortic Debranching-- Timothy Brand, MD


1050-1115: Cardiac Surgery Experience in Kenya-- John Galat, MD


1115-1140: Commando Procedure:  Perfusion Considerations-- Christopher Cicci, MD


1140-1205:  Cannulation Strategies for Retroperitoneal Tumors-- Grant Willis, MD


1205-1235: LUNCH BREAK



Moderator: Rhett Kinard, CCP, LP


1235-1300: Utilizing Thromboelastography in the Setting of Cardiovascular Surgery--David Clements RN, CCP


1300-1325: Techniques in HIPEC—David Greco, MD


1325-1350: Advancements in LVAD Anticoagulation and Transplant Selection--Charlie Knoerzer, MS, CCP, LP


1350-1415: Oxygen Transfer Rates – How Much Does it Matter? A Case Report-- Jonathan Paquette, BSN, RN, CCRN, CES-A


1415-1440: Supporting Emergent Pediatric ECMO Cannulations with an Adult ECMO Program-- Kaylee Quick, MSN, RN, CCRN, CES-A


1440-1505: Interactive ECMO Session--   Alan Heffner, MD


1505-1510- BREAK


Perfusion Profession and Techniques

Moderator: Amy Evans, MS, CCP, LP


1510-1535: Goal Directed Perfusion in Adult CPB—Jillian Holler, MS, CCP, LP


1535-1600:  Women in Perfusion.-- Sally Paul, BS, CCP, LP


1600-1625: Perfusion Education: Programmatic Decisions-- Jeremy Engel, DHSc, MHS, CCP


1625-1650: Back to the Basics of Perfusion- Stephen Castellejo, MS, CCP, LP


1650-1715: Can Peripheral VA ECMO With A Large VSD Result In A Regional Hypercarbia Syndrome? A Case Report.--John Ingram, MS, CCP


1715-1740: Changes in the Perfusion Workforce-- Tony Shackelford, MHA, DHA, CCP, CCT


1740-1745: Closing remarks, state of the society—Robert Degiosio, CCP, LP

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