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2022 Agenda (more details coming soon)

November 11
1800-2100 Open Registration

1800-1815 Dinner Seating and Welcome - William Dauch, CCP, LP


1815-1900 Dinner Service


1900-2000 Dinner Presentation - Spectrum Quantum State of the Union - Marc Priest (streaming for virtual attendees)

2000-2100 Mix and Mingle

November 12

0700 Breakfast and Registration


0750 Welcome and Announcements - Mindy Couper, CCP, LP


Heart Transplantation


0800 Transmedics – Where to Begin? – Dr. Eric Skipper, MD

0830 The Duke Experience: Transmedics OCS - Amy Evans, CCP, LP

0900 Case Series: Innovations in Pediatric Heart Transplantation – Rachel Gambino, CCP, LP



1000 (15 min Break) - Moderator: Stephen Hoadley, CCP, LP


1015 Building a Successful EC-TEG Program – Sally Paul, CCP, LP

1045 Today’s Covid ECMO – Sherry James

1115 Ventilator Management on ECMO – Lloyd Freeman Jr, RCP


1145 Perfusionists Growing Role in Liver Transplantation - Dr. Andrew Barbas, MD

Cardiac Subspecialties


1245 (45 min Lunch Break) - Moderator: Rhett Kinard, CCP, LP


1330 The Importance of Ionized Magnesium in Reducing Arrhythmia - Dr. Naveen Bangia, PhD


1400 Aortic Dissections: Current Approaches and Treatment Options – Dr. Tom Theruvath, MD


1430 To DCD or not to DCD – How to Select? – Dr. Joe Mishkin, MD – Director MCS/Heart Failure Cardiology

Perfusion Practice Topics

1500 (15 min Break) - Moderator:Sally Paul, CCP, LP


1515 High Pressure Excursion: Literature Review and Mitigations - Steve Dove, MA, PA, CCP Emeritus


1545 Quantum Thermal Technologies, Mr. Frosty: Creating a safer OR Environment – Tom McCarthy


1615 Transitioning from Staff Perfusionist to Traveling Perfusionist – Luke Boganny, CCP, LP


1645 Goal Directed Perfusion – Sydney Jaramillo - Ed Ristaino Scholarship Recipient and Award Presentation by Bill Hodges

1745 END OF DAY 2

November 13

0700 Breakfast and Registration


0755 Welcome and Announcements - Amy Evans, CCP, LP


Administration Topics in Perfusion


0800 Perfusion Engagement – Mindy Couper, CCP, LP


0830 Historical Review of Quality Improvement in Healthcare – Scott Snider, MHA, CCP, LP


0900 Perfusion Staffing Challenges 2010 and 2020 - Ed Darling, MS, CCP

0930 Readying the Perfusion Workforce for Future Staffing Challenges - Anthony Shackelford, DHA, CCP, CCT


MCS, Anticoagulation, and Blood Utilization


1015 (15 min Break) Moderator: William Dauch, CCP, LP

1030 Echocardiography in the Management of MCS devices – Dr. Negmeldeen Mamoun, M.D., Ph.D. 


1100 Heartmate 3 Pulsatility Index: A Perfusionists Crash Course – Charles Knoerzer, CCP, LP


1130 When Blood is not an Option: Management of the Patient who Declines Transfusion - Dr. Nicole Guinn, M.D.


1215 Challenges in Proper Anti-coagulation Management during CPB - Ben Smith

1315 - 5 min Break

1320 Local Events in Perfusion/NCSP Business Meeting

1420 END OF DAY 3

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